Minecraft Modded Community

Paleocraft Server Rules

Amendment as of 31/08/2019

Player Rules 

1) You are expected to treat other people with respect. This means no discrimination, sexism, racism, spamming and abuse, whether it be verbal or emotional.

2) Paleocraft would like to be a server for everyone, of all ages. Therefore, Chat will be kept PG.

3) Griefing unclaimed builds is acceptable, as long as the build/chests in question aren’t near a build that is partially claimed.

4) No inappropriate builds. (E.g. statues of genitals) 

5) The advertising of other servers and Discords is not allowed unless you are given permission by an Admin or higher. 

6) Chat is to be mature and appropriate in accordance with rule 2. 

7) Spawn and TP killing of players on the server will result in jail time. 

8) The exploiting of bugs and the usage of explot mods will result in jail time.

9) No requesting free items.

10) You are not to post GIFs, or post links to videos, which may cause seizures without warning (mark as spoilers).

Rules for Staff

1) You are expected to treat players with respect. Should you get into an arguement you are expected to keep a level head and deal with the issue accordingly.

2) As a member of our staff, you are expect to set an example. Chat is to be kept as PG at best, PG-13 at worst.

3) On the server, you are not to pull pranks that result in extensive damage to players builds and areas unless it has a certainty of being reversed with no ill effects.

4) Players ARE NOT to receive free items. If they are requested and a admin store is still not available, you must charge them a fee according to the item(s) they are requesting.

5) Staff shouldn’t teleport to players without their permission unless they’re helping with issues.